The long awaited AZORES adventure is finally beginning to shape up.  So far we have 5 couples signed up for this unique trip.  Thank you Deanna for your efforts in putting this together.

The way we will work this trip is simple....during the month of JULY it will be open to a Region 15 member and his/her guest (wife, hubby, friend, relative, etc).  At the end of July (Aug 1st), we will open it to any one else who wishes to go.  This is being done in fairness to our dues current members.  There will be NO price difference to anyone.
What we need RIGHT NOW is:
NAME, ADDRESS, DOB, AND U.S. PASSPORT # AND EXPIRATION (Please ensure your passport will have an expiration date 6 months beyond our April 8, 2016 return---Homeland Security regulation).
No deposit is required at this will be used to block seats on SATA Airlines.  A deposit will be required in the future, approx $500 per person.  Again, our tentative pricing was approximate $1230 per person but does NOT include our getting from NY to Boston for international flight and return.  Several options are being explored, one being Jetblue from JFK (R/T approx $200).
Please send me your info ASAP and remember I am only holding 40 seats on this trip, 10 of which are spoken for..
On another note, the Mirabelle Pig Roast date will be announced later this week.  I will be given 40-50 tickets to sell (at same price as restaurant offering).  I will sell them to members first for 2 weeks, then to anyone else for next 2 weeks, then return rest to Mirabelle, where they can be purchased directly from them.  It is a 300 person maximum event....a great night of food, drink, entertainment...all inclusive!  Price, event date and sale dates to be announced VERY shortly.
Best wishes to our members who will join the ranks of retirees this July!!!
Al Feinstein
Servo per Amikeco

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